A Dream Restored

A Dream Restored How do I save my people from my people


This generations talent and promise is squandered on the race for profit instead of the quest for progress.

Hopefully I will see the day where a quote from Malcolm X is as American as a quote from Patrick Henry

Hopefully I will see the day where a quote from Malcolm X is as American as a quote from Patrick Henry

"…I am disappointed in America, and there can be no Great Disappointment without Great Love"



So obviously Facebook is not the place for this, when others look back and see only black & white…I see progression from oppression. I dont know what is fueling this in me, but I refuse to ignore it. My generations apathy, far out weigh its sins of laziness, ignorance, greed & unappreciation of the actions that got us here. We sit in in times to stand up. I might not change the world, but I will save A life! I must save my people from my people. Happy #BlackHistory Month

"Western Arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is not just"


"Women can fake orgasms but men can fake love"

Bo Burns

all the small things.: 13 January 2011.

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Someone you haven’t seen or heard from in what seems like forever has had you on their mind for a while now — just like you’ve been thinking about them. So what have you two been waiting for? Well, the sentimental Moon, for starters — the ruler of emotions. They’re as potent as they can…

So this is crazy….like dead on! So know I guess Im a Virgo since I was born on Oct. 5th. And I’ve been recently chating with a girl I haven’t seen since my freshman year in 2005. Today we talked on the phone for 5 hours and 23 minutes straight. I have to start reading my horoscope!

"Its the best high and the worst withdrawls…Love is God’s crack and we are born addicts"

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Baton Rouge can be really something. 

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"Some days are just meant to be good"

"Watching a DVD right after you have watched a Blu Ray is like dry humping right after you have had sex"

Some Guy Named Jon

Baton Rouge Dope Cypher (Hip Hop at its Best)

Shook Ones - Diggy